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Matte Black Wisdom Tub, 8” Rain Shower & Hand Shower Kit

SKU F283024TMB
Color: Matte Black
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This luxurious shower system can be whatever you need in the moment; a relaxing, spa experience or an invigorating wake up call! With a gorgeous rain shower head and a 3-function hand shower, you have everything you need.


Metal construction for strength and reliability
This pressure balancing system prevents scalding, and features a 3-Way diverting valve, taking water where you want it
A maximum temperature limit stop adds another level of safety
Integral stop checks allow you to turn the water off just to the shower, without affecting the rest of the home.
Features an 8" round shower head and a 3-function hand shower on a slide bar.
This is a unique slide bar in that the wall outlet, (that connects the component to your water supply), is built in. So, you get a cleaner, easier to clean installation.
This shower trim kit requires a fluid 3-way diverting valve. Depending on the regulations in your area, you can choose a standard or sharing valve, (that allows more than one component to work at the same time).

Installation Guide Specifications